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Close Protection

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CPR first aid course

First Aid

lOCATED : Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6NF

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‘pROVIDING courses to increase your potential & earnings’

Are you wanting to make the most of an amazing opportunity in 2024?

Are you unemployed?

Are you working but earning less than £20,100 per year?

Answer ‘YES’ to either then we can help you.

Every month of 2024 we’ll be holding SIA Security courses and if you answered ‘yes’ then these courses will not cost you a penny.

plus First Aid courses and more.

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Give Beth a call on 01900 368722

to find out more about this opportunity!!!!

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Aj Training Academy Ltd

AJ Training Academy, launched in 2020, just before the onset of the Covid Pandemic, provides Close Protection courses and top-up courses, delivered by fully experienced instructors who have firsthand experience in the field. In response to the pandemic, we pivoted to online courses, benefiting those housebound yet eager to utilize their time effectively.

Amidst the pandemic's economic challenges, we observed a surge in course enrollments as individuals sought to retrain and enhance their skills for new opportunities. Our ability to provide resources for job seekers contributed to improving the welfare of individuals and their families, a success story we're proud of.

To enroll on one of our couses, all you need to do is give us a call for any further information or to book your place.

Security, First Aid and Close Protection courses, initial and top ups.

Our beginning


in Cumbria & 19

‘click the tick’

Let's do this!

01900 368722

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Proud to be associated with two industry leading awarding bodies ‘oozing’ history and amazing course content.

SFJ Awards & NUCO

Believe and Achieve

We make it fun with interaction.

Close Protection


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SIA Security Courses and First Aid courses

Security Guard Jacket

SIA Level 2 Door Supervisor

Interested in attending one of our Level 2 courses enabling you to apply for your SIA licence upon passing then operating as a Door Supervisor or Security guard.

security guard

SIA Security Guard course

Soley interested in working as a security guard for locations, sites and properties. Then we can provide you with the course and qualities to aid you on your way.

Medical Kit on Floor at First Aid Training Courses

1st Aid Courses

With 1st Aid being vital in every industry and walk of life, we proudly provide various courses to benefit the attendee.

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Close Protection courses,

& bolt on’s and Top up

Famous Celebrity with Bodyguards Outdoors

Close Protection courses

Gain essential skills in executive protection, including threat assessment, defensive tactics, and emergency response. This program prepares you to safeguard individuals in high-risk settings effectively.

Street fighting self defense technique against holds and grabs
First Aid and Surival Kits

CP Top up Courses

Refresh your expertise in executive protection with required training in threat assessment, defensive tactics, and emergency response protocols. Led by seasoned professionals, this program elevates your skills to ensure proficient safeguarding in high-risk environments..

CP course bolt ons

Increase your skillset with specialised trg with First Person on Scene Support, Outdoor First Aid, and Working at Heights. Led by experienced instructors, these additions enhance your ability to provide comprehensive protection in diverse environments, ensuring readiness for any scenario.

Enhance your training to another level

For your safety & those with you.

Mine Awareness Training

Step confidently in uncertain territories with MAT.

This essential course is designed to teach you how to identify, avoid, and react to landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO). Equip yourself with life-saving knowledge to navigate safely through areas affected by mines, ensuring your safety and that of your team.

Hostage : Conduct after Capture

Our Hostage (Conduct After Capture) course offers critical strategies for survival in the most daunting situations. Learn the psychological and physical skills needed to endure captivity, maintain your composure, and enhance your chances of safe recovery. This course is a must-have for anyone who might face high-risk environments, teaching resilience, survival tactics, and the power of mental fortitude.

Hostile Enviroment : Vehicle Operations

Our HEVO course is tailored for individuals who need to maintain control behind the wheel, no matter the situation. From high-speed manoeuvres to evasive driving techniques, this training ensures you can navigate hostile environments safely. Gain the skills to handle vehicles under stress, ensuring both your safety and success in mission-critical operations.

Hostile Environment First Aid Training

The (HEFAT) course is an indispensable program for anyone working in or around high-risk areas. This comprehensive first aid training goes beyond the basics, preparing you to provide critical care when it matters most. From trauma management to emergency medical procedures, learn how to save lives in the most challenging conditions.

Tactical Operations Medic

Designed for those at the frontline of tactical and emergency response, the Tactical Operations Medic (TOM) course offers advanced medical training specific to combat and tactical situations. Enhance your ability to provide immediate, life-saving medical interventions in high-threat environments. This course blends medical expertise with tactical knowledge, ensuring you're prepared to face any challenge.


The essentials of shooting marksmanship with our shooting packages that lay the foundation for safe and effective firearm handling, focusing on accuracy and basic shooting skills. Ideal for CPO’s as it guides you through in-person training with a certified and experienced firearms instructor and culminates in a shooting qualification that tests your precision across various distances

Each course is designed and instructed with your safety and effectiveness in mind, combining practical knowledge with hands-on experience to prepare you for the realities of working in hostile environments. Whether you're enhancing your situational awareness, mastering vehicle operations, or learning life-saving medical skills, our training programs are designed to give you the confidence and competence to face any challenge head-on.

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What our attendees say afterwards...

Three random reviews

To anyone interested in going into security I highly recommend AJ Training Academy. The course was well presented and easy to understand and a load of fun, the staff there were great and very helpful.


Excellent service and training. All topics covered, Lee puts it really clear so it’s easily understood.

Top bloke, top training

C Foster

I would definately recommend AJ Training Academy to anone who wants to go into security as i did a course with them and found it brilliant and enjoyed it, the staff are brilliant and very helpful and are brilliant at their job.

T Davidson

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Email : courses@ajtrainingacademy.com

Office : 01900 368722 / 01900 511233

Training Director : Lee Molyneux

Managing Director : Adrian Kirkbride

Chief Instructor : Barry Horabin

Business Administration : Beth Wilson

Postal Address :

12a Selby Terrace, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6NF

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  • First Aid at work

  • Emergency First Aid

  • First Aid refresher

  • First Person on Scene Support (FPOSS)
  • Oxygen Therapy Administration level 3

  • Defibrillation

  • Outdoor First Aid (incl working at heights)

  • First Aid Forestry

  • Management of Anaphylaxis

  • Catastrophic Bleed and Control

With being First Aid trained you could save a life and/or reassure a casualty until medical assistance arrives.

Give Beth a ring on

Let's do this

01900 368722

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Level 2 Door Supervisor course

Level 2 Security Guard course

Top up Door Supervisor Course

Top up Secuirty Guard course

01900 368722

Give Beth a ring on

Trained by us with the opportunity to be employed by

AJ-Security upon gaining your

SIA licence, has got to be an incentive to book your place now.

Let's do this

01900 368722

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Help employers and training providers to increase confidence, improve productivity and have a positive impact on people’s lives, through the certainty and assurance we bring to the quality of learning and skills development amongst individuals and organisations providing services for public benefit.

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NUCO Training is a UK-based Awarding body that offers courses in health and safety, first aid and they provide a wide range of compliance subjects, including First Aid, Paediatric First Aid, Defibrillation, Health & Safety, Food Safety, Safeguarding, and Mental Health.

They have over 4,500 active instructors running open courses around the UK in various subjects.

AJ Training Academy are one based in Cumbria.

NUCO is an approved awarding body with an Ofqual and SQA regulations for First Aid awards.

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Out of work,

over 19 & residing in Cumbria or earning less than £20,100 per year?

Green OK tick approval

We can provide (funded) free courses for you.


or earning less than £20,100 per year!

Security courses including First Aid and other benefits to help you find employment.

Proudly working alongside Inspira by providing courses to gain you the qualification to apply for your SIA licence and ‘get back into work‘ or increase your earnings

Our Combined Security Officer course package gains you the qualifications and skills required to work as a Security officer for licenced premises, sites, locations and festivals & events.

Ideally located in Maryport, West Cumbria

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