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AJ Training Academy

AJ TRAINING ACADEMY provide a nationally acclaimed curriculum, distinguished for our ultra-efficient and cost-effective methods of training. 

In order to assist our clients and learners in meeting intensified demands and responsibilities. We have created evolving learning programs to meticulously educate on current protocols and advanced techniques. 

Disability Confident Committed

Having a learning disability means that people find it harder to learn certain life skills. The problems experienced vary from person to person, but may include aspects such as learning new things, communication, managing money, reading, writing, or personal care.


if you have a disability or condition that affects your studies. Our team offer confidential support to help you make the most of your studies.

 We are here to help you, with any questions related to your course.

Our contact details can be found here.


Who do we help?

If you have a long-term condition or disability, we can help. The term 'disability' covers a range of conditions, including:

  • dyslexia
  • mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety
  • Severe Behavioural difficulties (ADHD)
  • long-term medical conditions, such as epilepsy or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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