AJ Training Academy

AJ Training Academy offers the opportunity for every student using our online portal or as part of a small group for face to face’ courses to achieve their potential.
We pride ourselves on meeting the demands 
of today which will benefit each and every student who walks through our doors and enrol on a course. Our instructors are approachable, adaptable and all have a sense of pride to help individuals achieve and with three training rooms available we also have the opportunity to offer meeting rooms or rooms for external instructors to hire and instruct on their own courses.
If you cannot see the course you are looking for then get in touch because it may be in the making, so give us a message/call and share your interest with us and if the course is an option, then we'll definately be back in touch with you not long after you made contact.

Disabled access and facilities. 
AJ Training Academy are proud to have the facilities and knowledge to welcome disabled students and encourage theto progress fully with their chosen courses 



Our Courses

Our courses are designed to benefit your potential.
Some of our courses are classroom based during the week and/or over weekends, and our online courses can be either CPD (Continued Professional Development) online courses or accredited 
eLearning and every course is specifically planned and designed to be easily understood whether online with a virtual tutor or in a classroom with one of our instructors.

Wanting a course that you cannot see listed? No worries, give us a call/message because we are only human too, it may have been missed off, it maybe being put together and close to being ready to be launched, or maybe we had no intentions to deliver this course but with interest, anything is possible.
Be in touch to find out further information. 

Our Clients

Priding ourselves with high standards of instructing and being able to adapt to students ability for learning, we welcome clients from many forms of businesses, Employment Agencies and Departments of Education.

Individual learners can book independently or as part of a group, 
why learn alone when you can learn together.
Not everyone has a rosy background and some people do have inhibitors when it comes to certain tasks. This can be brought to our attention prior to commencing a course or during and should the concern be spotted at any point throughout the duration of the course, then assistance will be offered to help and understand the question in more detail. Or you could make the centre manager aware of worries prior too or during the course and he will liaise with the instructor for you. Don't be letting anything be holding you back to a better you.
All our clients and students are valued, and we look forward to assisting you again, and playing a rewarding part increasing your potential even further. 

Our Instructors

A military background promises to bring critical, tactical, and sometimes first-hand experiences to the classroom. The team are passionate about providing the best and most effective methods to ensure the students and clients benefit fully from each module of a course and with a wealth of various examples, we can ensure each student will not only benefit from what is taught, but they will enjoy it too.
Our entire team at AJ Training Academy strive for the learner to surpass their goals while ensuring being adequately trained and ready to progress